How to Start a Business Without Money in Kenya

How to start a business without money in kenya

When I say that you don’t need money to start a business, I mean you do not actually need to have money to start a business. It is important for you as a potential entrepreneur to understand that entrepreneurship is not the process of turning 50 to 100. Rather, it is the process of turning zero to 100. The reason why most people can not be entrepreneurs is that they are waiting for 50 so that they can turn it to 100.

When people wait for the 50 they want to turn to 100, most times they will not see the 50, and then they will make excuses. That the reason why they can’t start a business is that they do not have money. No, you do not need to have money to build a business. You just need to learn and know how to turn zero to 100.

How do you turn zero to 100?

You need to understand the concept of OTM (Other people’s money). When you understand this concept, you will experience a new world of unlimited possibilities. Instead of thinking and worrying about what you do not have, start learning how to get what you do not have from the people who have it. What if you can get the money you need to start a business from the people who have the money? If you can get anything from people who have it, you won”t complain that you didn’t start a business because you did not have it.

Learn to be a great negotiator. Read tons of books about business, life and how people actually rose from zero to 100. When you read, take action. As you take action, you might make mistakes and fail. The more you act, the more you will get feedback inform of mistakes and the better you will become. Napoleon Hill said,” There are too many resources in the world for those who know how to get it.” I can tell you this is the truth. Whatever you believe is possible is what you will learn how to achieve.

If you do not believe that it is possible to start a business without money, you will not wake up every day to learn how to achieve it. If you think it’s not possible to get resources you need to start a business from others, then I respect you and your opinion.

Believe in your business idea

Most people who want to start a business do not believe in their ideas. This shows that you will do nothing about the idea. If you believe in your business idea, you would have the courage to start in a small way. Study your industry and get to know what you can improve or come up with. When you believe in your business strongly, you have the power to make other people to believe in it. And when other people believe in it, they will be willing to support you to actualize your business ideas.

Learn about human psychology, negotiation and marketing. If you do not know books you should read on these subjects, do a google search. As you struggle to build one block and another and learn, try to persuade people to support your vision. Do not try to persuade people to support none existing businesses because no reasonable person will support such.

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