How to sell anything in Kenya

How to sell anything in Kenya

Have you ever looked at an advertisement and felt the need to get that item? The reason behind it is that it has the excitement and enthusiasm behind it. They show you a problem and a solution to that problem.

The most profitable skill you need to learn is learning how to sell. In one way or another, almost everything you do when you get down to its core is sales. Whether you are actually selling a physical product, a house or a car. Whether you are selling yourself during an interview. Almost everything at its core is sales.

From my experience, I found that this is the easiest way to sell anything without even trying. The biggest difference I have seen is just to be excited, passionate and enthusiastic about what you are doing. You could totally suck at everything when it comes to sales. But if you are just excited about what you are doing, you could overcome all that just because of your enthusiasm.

Think of it this way. People really pick up how you feel. If you feel like you do not want to be there, people will pick up on the subtleties. People will pick on the way you speak and your body language. Everything that goes into that. They will subconsciously be not into something only because you are not into it. On a very subconscious level, it’s extremely difficult to fake this sort of excitement and enthusiasm.

It is not just the words that you say. Everything else that goes along with that. Often times it is always the things that people don’t really pick up on that makes that biggest difference. When people pick how you feel, how into something impacts the other person just as much.

How you impact someone with how you feel

For example, if I was selling a phone case and I was really excited about it. If I was so into it and thought it was the best phone case in the world, I would describe it’s features and how it is important to me. People are more likely to buy it because I’m into it and how the case has helped solve a problem.

Having this type of enthusiasm is often what leads to people do really well on something at the very beginning of their career. This is because it is new and exciting only to have their sales ability dwindle as they get more accustomed to the process and become complacent in what they are doing. This is something I have seen across the board. People start strong because they are really excited and actually do well in the beginning only to do worse over time. Even though their technical ability and knowledge of the subject go up, their sales and performance end going down only because they have gotten used to it.

This is why you have to continuously push yourself to keep that level of excitement high while also increasing your technical abilities and skills. When you combine the two, you will be able to see huge leaps and bounds in terms of your performance and skills.


A great philosophy I keep is that anything I do should benefit the other person more than it benefits you. This is the best way to keep something sustainable long term. And everyone is happy. Give more value than you get as it will come back to you in the future. Everyone will be winning.

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