How to Register a Business Name on e-Citizen

You will first go to the e-citizen website where you will create an account if you are a first-time user. Here is how you can create an account if you are a first-time user. Log in to your account and a page with all national services will appear. Click on the business registration service option where you will be taken back to the log in page.

Once you log in, your profile will be opened. Click on make an application and a page with all services will appear. Click on apply now on the business name registration. A dialogue box will pop up explaining what a business name is. Click on apply now and the portal for business name registration will appear. Before you start keying in your details, ensure you have 5 preferred business names in mind. Enter your most preferred business name in that order and then click on save and continue. The next page requires you to fill in the nature of business details. in the capacity section, select proprietor. Key in your address and on nature of business click other if you do not belong to a registered body. You will be given the opportunity to describe the nature of your business. Click on save and continue.

The next page requires you to fill in your physical address. Select your county, district and locality. If you do not have a physical location yet, choose the nearest location. Enter your postal address, mobile number and company email address. Click save and continue.

The next step involves the validation of ownership information. Click on add proprietor. Select designation as proprietor, select Kenyan citizen, put your ID number and first name. Click on verify. Once you click on verify, it will automatically fill in your ID number and KRA pin. Type your phone number, company email address and postal address. Enter your occupation and upload your passport photo. Select your area of residence. Click on submit.

The ownership page allows you to confirm your details and add a proprietor. After clicking on save and continue, the application documents page will appear. Download the BN-2 form, sign and scan it. After doing so, you upload it and click on submit and review. Look through the document to confirm that the information you have put in is correct. Once you are satisfied that everything is correct, click on finish.

The next step is payment. Choose your preferred payment option and you will get a notification whether your business name registration was successful.

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