How to Make Money as a Teenager in 2021

In this post, I’m going to share with you ways you can make money as a teenager. I will share hustle ideas you can do that are not full-time jobs. They all vary in terms of flexibility and time commitment. I have tried putting a bit of characterization for what type of person each of these might be best for. This does not, however, mean that if you are over nineteen years of age you can’t try them out.

1. Digitize photo books

This is something that I do not here too often but it is really easy to sell to a lot of people. You can digitize family photo books for other people. The reason why this is very easy to sell is that it is a very sentimental item. You can never get back family photos if something bad like a house burns down. You can use this as a way to pitch this idea to other people without being sleazy about it.

A lot of people would be willing to pay for this service. It is something that I would personally be willing to pay for. You can set up different pricing models for this. You can either price it per photo, per photobook, however you want to set it up. It is not hard to do as you will just need a scanner and a computer. You can store it in a cloud or USB drive, however, your clients want it.

2. Wash windows

You can start by washing the windows of your neighbours for a fee. I know someone who started washing windows as a teen over the holidays and currently owns a cleaning company. He cleans windows of new construction buildings, malls and even gets contracts from government agencies.

You can start with inexpensive items like buckets, soap, squeegee and a ladder. Learning this will only take a few weeks and you can learn by practising on your own window.

3. Sell recyclables.

You can sell scrap metals, plastics and even glass bottles. I used to do this when I was a teen and would get paid a couple of dollars which was a lot of money at that time. You can go dumpster diving and you could get yourself a lot of recyclables to sell. Remember to invest in a good pair of protective gloves and mask.

You can also check out YouTubers who do dumpster diving for a living and they sell their finds on eBay. Rich neighbourhoods are a great place to find things you can sell online.

4. Sell clothes & other second-hand items.

This works well if you have recently decluttered your space and you just have some extra things that you weren’t really using in the first place. If you were planning to get rid of them anyway, you might as well try to make a little bit of money back. This kind of work is very flexible and doesn’t take that much time commitment. You can just take pictures and list them on a reselling website whenever you have free time. All you have to do is sit there and wait for people to buy your things.

5. Make Youtube Videos

As a YouTuber, I do not like to encourage people to join Youtube to make money. It takes a lot of time and luck to start earning money. Whether that be through monetized videos, sponsorships or affiliate links. This is because unless you get super lucky with a huge viral hit on your first video, it takes a long time to build an audience and actually start getting views. Youtube though is one of the most monetizable social media platforms. It has a lot of different options for you to earn money on it. It has AdSense, the built-in ad platform. Whenever you see those embedded ads either before, in the middle or end of a video, that’s AdSense.

There are also sponsored videos where a company might pay a particular YouTuber to talk about their product. The way affiliate links work is that if a YouTuber discusses a product and they have a particular relationship with the company that produces that product, they might have access to links or codes where if you click on that link or use the discount code and buy the product, the influencer will get a portion of the profits from that product. I think this would be a good idea for you if already like visual arts like creating videos or taking photos. You will also need to have a lot of time before you anticipate seeing profits.

6. Sell your art prints online.

If you already love creating 2d visual art, whether that be painting, calligraphy or photography, you can digitize your best and favourite pieces. You can also digitize things that were most popular among your friends or other students and sell them on the internet. There are some platforms like creative market where you can simply sell the assets themselves. For example, if you lettered some watercolor wreaths, converted them into jpegs and then uploaded them. People might just buy those jpegs for downloads.

7. Sell handmade crafts

You can make crafts to sell online. This is a great option for you if you already like to do some sort of handicraft. Maybe you make crocheted stuffed animals or perhaps you like to make macrame plant hangers. You can consider platforms that set up the overall store site and transaction system for you like Etsy or you could set up your own online store. You can also set up a stand at a local in-person market. Besides earning an income off of something you already like to do, starting an online store or brand will help you learn some online marketing skills which can be useful in acquiring an internship or a fulltime job down the road.

8. Sell stock photos

you can sell photos to stock photo websites. If you like taking photos, you can take stock worthy photos and sell them to stock photo websites. The options are pretty endless. You could take photos of an everyday object like a mug or absolutely absurd circumstances. Besides being able to earn income off of your craft, it will also encourage you to get better. Continue practicing and taking photos of different things in different circumstances.

9. Tutoring

This works well for students. It doesn’t work well for younger teens though. You can sign up at a larger tutoring organization that’s located near you. You can as well work individually if you have lots of connections to younger kids who might need help and their parents are willing to pay you to tutor them. Foreign language tutoring is another great option because you can tutor people in languages you are fluent in. There are a lot of websites out there like verbal planet and italki and you can make money off of these sites. Tutoring however is inflexible as you have to coordinate your schedule with someone else, especially for in-person tutoring. But again, you only have to sign up for appointments that you have time for so it is not too inflexible.

10. Social media management

You can manage the social media for a local small business. If you know of some small businesses that are near you, you can reach out to their management and ask if they are in need of someone to take care of their social media platforms. To start with, you would want to demonstrate some proficiency in creating graphics or making videos and animations for social media. Additionally, it helps to be knowledgeable about online marketing. Once you get well versed with the skills required to run a social media account, I’m sure there will be a business out there interested in taking you in.

11. Transcription services.

You can transcribe videos or audion on the internet. This is great if you have good listening comprehension and can type very quickly. It is very flexible as you can do it any time and anywhere.

I hope this post is helpful and if you have made money as a teenager in other ways, remember to leave a comment down below.

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