How To Be a Successful Real Estate Agent in Kenya

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Anyone who decides to be a real estate agent wants to succeed. You want to have the most sales so that you can earn the highest commissions possible. There are some small but important things that some real estate agents overlook which are crucial.

Here are a few easiest tips you can follow to be a successful real estate agent.

1. Always turn lights on when showing a house

A property looks so much better when the lights are turned on. Most real estate agents overlook it thinking it is not going to make such a big of a deal. You can make the place look brighter by just turning on the light.

2. Use professional photography

You need to use a professional photographer for any of your listings. It doesn’t matter if it is a $500,000 listing or $10,000,000, just use a professional photographer. Evening pictures make a place look vibrant but it is really up to you to decide the best time to take pictures.

You need the services of a professional photographer to pull out wide angles and take clear shots. It is a small investment that could net $10,000 or more just by using the right pictures.

3. Keep time

You should show up on time when you are to meet clients. Be a little early if you have to and be ready by the time clients arrive. Turning up late is the easiest way to turn people off. They get upset and aggregated.

4. Be descriptive

You shouldn’t just let the client walk around the property on their own. Most agents normally say,” feel free to take a look around. Let me know your thoughts.” It is really important to be descriptive as possible.

Talk about how the kitchen counters were remodeled last year or how the view is one of the best views you have seen. You can talk about all the restaurants and shopping malls that are around the area. When you are really excited about something, other people pick it up and become excited about it too. It is the best way to sell a place and it comes from an authentic place as well.

5. Pick up your phone

When somebody calls you, pick up your phone. If they leave you a voice mail, call them as soon as possible. If someone emails you, get back to them as fast as you can. Do not wait for a day to get back to people. Most people call when they want to talk to someone as soon as possible. By not responding to them or by waiting a day you essentially risk losing a client.

They can see something else they like tomorrow they can change their mind or even get busy and forget about it.

6. Be ready to write an offer

Be always ready to write an offer for a client anytime. Keep your laptop near you all the time because you never know when you are going to need it. Sure you can do a lot from your phone but there are some things you need a computer for. It will come in handy when you need to write an offer or send an email.

If you are representing a buyer, you do not want to wait to submit an offer because there is a chance the seller is going to get another offer from someone else before you submit yours. Be ready to as soon as you can to write offers when a client wants one, before they change their mind or before the seller gets other offers. In a competitive market, you want to be the first one.

7. Take everybody seriously

You need to take everybody seriously. Some may sound crazy on the phone or may sound like they are wasting your time. Give everyone the benefit of doubt. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Take everybody seriously until they prove you otherwise because you never know where your next buyer or deal is going to come from.

You really do not know who someone is until you really get to know them. There are people out there that will waste your time and you can tell from the beginning but at least give them the benefit of doubt. For the time you waste with those who aren’t serious, you make it up for the one person that isn’t wasting your time and may refer you business.

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